Hearing Conservation Programs

Hearing Conservation Programs Training and Consulting Services

We offer support to all company personnel involved in your mandatory OSHA Employee Hearing Conservation Program.

Training is required annually for those employees needing baseline or annual hearing testing. Regulations list specific subjects to be reviewed annually. We have various materials and means to help you meet this requirement.

We have available, on the day of testing, an English/Spanish DVD which explain the importance of hearing conservation and hearing protection.

Our certified technicians, upon request, will instruct on purpose, proper use, care, applicability, advantages, selection, fitting and noise reduction values of your employee’s specific hearing protection devices. They will explain the purpose for testing hearing and explain the testing procedure. The hearing conservation training session is also a great opportunity to discuss the state of the worker’s hearing and address any related questions about noise and hearing.

Complete testing, notification of test findings, training and counselling can be accomplished during the session.

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Frequently Asked Questions about OSHA

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This PDF document answers some of the most common questions about the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations requirements for implementing a Hearing Conservation Program.

Download the PDF or Visit OSHA.gov for complete details.

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