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About Industrial Hearing Service

SERVING EMPLOYERS SINCE 1971, Industrial Hearing Service, Inc. has provided mobile hearing testing services to customers involved in manufacturing, construction, wood products and government service. We service Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, and Western Montana. We are a full service operation offering immediate employee notification, counselling and training.

Director of Audiology, Dr. Rodney Atack is recognized as a national leader in the prevention of hearing loss in the workplace. He was a principal architect of the US Army’s and Department of Defense’s hearing conservation program. He has served as consultant to the Surgeon General for Audiology and Hearing Conservation.

Dr. Atack was elected to the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation, where he participated for ten years serving as chair for two of those years. He is active in a number of professional associations and continues to teach certification courses, provide training, and consultative services in hearing conservation.

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Custom OSHA Reporting

Since we have our own computer program, we have been able to adapt our reports over the years to reflect the changes in your needs.

Meet or Exceed OSHA and MSHA Standards

All standards and practices of Industrial Hearing Service, Inc. meet or exceed OSHA standards and MSHA standards.

Our Service Technicians are CAOHC certified.

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They have a unique workday due to the different work shifts of our clients. They are all interested in providing the highest level of service. With the expertise of our resident Audiologist our understanding of the importance of consistent customer satisfaction, our staff is able to deliver a high standard of knowledge and performance.

Industrial Hearing Service, Inc. office personnel handle our client contacts with friendly efficiency. Our staff is happy to assist with any question you may have about your Hearing Conservation Program. Whether the question is in regards to regulations, interpreting your report, setting up a hearing conservation program, etc., you will receive an informed response.

Helping You Fulfill Your OSHA Requirements

Complying with OSHA’S Hearing Conservation Amendment CFR 1910.95

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