Mobile Hearing Services at Your Workplace

When scheduling industrial hearing testing at your workplace, we will work with the scheduling coordinator for yoru facility to maximize testing time and minimize production downtime.  We also are focused on limiting overtime for your staff members during the testing schedule. We’re at your service when you need accurate and complete, OSHA-approved hearing testing!

Our full-service industrial hearing evaluation services include:

  • Scheduling that fits your schedule, not just ours
  • Hearing evaluation testing, on-site at your workplace
  • Complete industrial hearing service, reliable, OSHA-approved testing
  • Mobile OSHA-compliant Audiometric Testing Booth
  • Experienced Audiologist review of individual testing results
  • Monitoring of employee and their test progress
  • Audiologist evaluations and Management reports
  • Hearing Conservation Consulting, recommendations, and surveys level surveys
  • Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Explanation and education on OSHA Hearing Conservation Requirements
  • Immediate employee test result notification
  • All staff members are Council for Accreditation in Occupation Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) certified
  • Employee Training Services


We schedule industrial hearing tests to address a variety of situations onsite at your workplace. We have multiple mobile test units so that we can provide a second test unit when necessary. Call 1-800-547-1912 or contact us to speak to an IHS representative.

Immediate Employee Notification

Upon completion of their test, your employees will receive a printout of their tests and an explanation of the results based upon occupational safety and health standards. This meets the requirement for written notice of standard threshold shift results but more important the employees really appreciate the immediate feedback.

Employee Privacy

Each employee is tested privately in a sound treated booth, not as part of a group setting. This affords better concentration and test tones from another headset cannot be heard, even if another employee has hearing levels much higher. Each test unit has four test booths allowing for 16 employees to be tested in per hour, 4 every 15 minutes.


Industrial Hearing Service, Inc. has customized our own computer program. The versatility of our program allows a variety of report formats for our customers to choose from.

We provide a list of all tests in an employee record and include the evaluation of prior tests as well as the current test. Our audiologist review prior evaluations and current test results for an appropriate recommendation. Listing all prior tests and evaluation also will help in your discussions with the employee in seeing possible trends that may be effecting the employees hearing.  This also helps in isolating noise exposures from occupational and non-occupational exposures.

Our program generates a report for management that lists all of the employees tested, complete history of that employees testing, testing results, notifications and Audiologists recommendations. This documentation helps identify areas in which a review of conservation efforts should be made.

IHS provides a notification, produced by our audiologist, for employees with potential OSHA related concerns.

→ Hearing Conservation Programs
→ OSHA Hearing Conservation Requirements

Audiometric Testing Booth

Interior view mobile hearing testing unit

We offer enclosed audiometric testing booths, which meets current OSHA standards. The testing booth is engineered to limit most ambient noise. Measures are taken to ensure the most accurate hearing tests possible. Noise levels are continually monitored through out testing to ensure strict compliance with all OSHA requirements. We use only high quality audiometer’s, this ensures the highest in quality test results.

Certified Technicians

IHS Service Technicians are CAOHC Certified for industrial hearing testing. After completing OSHA required workshops, IHS technicians are supervised by an IHS Audiologist. Review of performance is ongoing to maintain high levels of quality.

Equipment Reliability

Test units are equipped with microprocessor audiometers. These computerized audiometers afford testing of employees without fatigue and associated problems. There is verification of frequency response and the audiometer will stop a test at any frequency if there is not a consistent response; the Service Technician will complete the testing sequence. Each audiometer is calibrated exhaustively every year and daily, a different calibration is done by the technician. There is replacement equipment on each unit to prevent delays.

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