Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Community Learning Network – Variety of educational resources for elementary age children, as well as some good links:

Dangerous Decibels® – An Oregon Health & Science University program developed in partnership with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This website has many links and resources including a virtual museum exhibit, teacher resource guide, and interactive research data. This program has been developed and implemented as part of ongoing research on effective hearing loss prevention training for youth:

Favorite Sounds – Students can enter their favorite sounds into a database and discuss what it might be like to not hear their favorite sound due to hearing loss:

Free Hearing Test – (note: commercial website) Animated explanation of how hearing workds, a free (uncalibrated) hearing test, and a simulated hearing loss demonstration:

“I love what I hear” curriculum – Good resources for students and teachers in grades 3rd – 6th:

International Noise Awareness Day – Publications and public service materials from the League of the Hard of Hearing. Resources for elementary and middle school students and teachers:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Sci Files – The Case of the Deafening Sound. A video on sound and hearing for primary to middle school aged children. Also includes noise control content:

→ Mobile Testing Services
→ Hearing Conservation Programs
→ OSHA Hearing Conservation Requirements

Industrial Hearing Service Inc. test vehicle

Hearing Conservation and Sound Resources

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